Kimbo coffee

on September 20, 2011 in Coffee Brands

Kimbo coffeeCoffee KIMBO – the coffee made in Naples where many decades there is the school of a roast combining the best Italian traditions which allow to reach excellent balance between taste and aroma of coffee of espresso.

In assortment ground coffee in packages from a foil or in tins in weight on 250 gramme, and also grain coffee in packages from a foil in weight on 250 and 1000 gramme is presented.

Ground coffee

KIMBO Aroma Espresso – perfect, preimushchestven-1 but Brazilian, coffee with the Neapolitan roast impacting sated relish and aroma to a drink.

KIMBO Arabica – excellent coffee for espresso preparation which structure includes only the arabica grains, fried so that to receive delicate aroma and irresistible taste. Feature of it the lowered maintenance of caffeine.

KIMBO Gold Medal – the magnificent coffee specially fried for those who prefers balance between rich aroma and high-grade taste.

KIMBO Espresso Napoletano – “star” of assortment KIMBO. Espresso Napoletano (espresso «a la Naples») combines a traditional roast and an ideal grinding for reception of a faultless drink with thin deep taste, the dense steady beautiful skin, the sated aroma.

KIMBO Decaffeinato – a fine grade with rich aroma and high-grade taste for those who loves coffee without caffeine.

KIMBO Cialda – specially prepared in the Neapolitan style and packaged in the coffee packing, combining fine aroma and convenience in preparation.

Coffee in grains

KIMBO Espresso Dolce – the deep roast of perfect grains gives espresso coffee the refined, perfectly well balanced taste with a little bitterish shade.

KIMBO Espresso Aroma – grains of an average roast for preparation of strong coffee of espresso with dense sated and very dense Neapolitan skin.

KIMBO Espresso Crema – grains of an average and deep roast for preparation of a drink with gentle and fragrant taste.

KIMBO Espresso Gran Miscela – coffee of an easy Neapolitan roast with pleasant gentle taste, a stable skin and unforgettable juicy aroma of strong espresso.

KIMBO Top Quality – perfect grains of a deep Neapolitan roast with extraordinary thin, unforgettable aroma.

KIMBO Aroma di Napoli – grains of an average roast for preparation of truly Neapolitan drink with intensive aroma and the balanced taste.